An Ultimate Guide to Become A Pet-friendly Hotel – Know How

If you are worried about your pets when you wish to go on a vacation then you must know that it has become trendy to bring pets along with you and your kids to enjoy the holiday spots and stay in the hotel. Hotels are also ensuring facilities to customers in such a way to take care of their pets, few hotels in Colorado are also providing good pet-friendly services.

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The following are few tips that help you make your hotel a pet-friendly one.

Select the pet type

The fundamental step of a pet-friendly hotel is deciding the size and kind of animals you like to provide the service. Make sure that you allow maximum two pets per client with specific weight limit. Also, make a pricing list, so that the clients will get an idea about the kind of pets they can carry with them and the cost for the service.

Set specific rules

It is a good idea to maintain specific rules for guest’s pets, include them on the website of your hotel. If possible make pet-promotion advertisement, so that your guests will be aware of it. Make sure about the specific areas where the pets will be allowed.

Also, restrict the area where pets will be accommodated. Few hotels provide trails for the pets, and guests can walk with their pets for some time.

Clarify the responsibilities of a pet owner

Inform your guests about their responsibilities that is causing damage to the furniture or injuries of their pets. Also, make sure of taking preventive measures by the owners at night from barking and other activities.

Otherwise, other guests may get disturbed due to these activities. Also, make an agreement with pet owners regarding these steps before letting pets into the hotel.

Plus, offer quality services to pets like providing water and food bowls and other extra services if needed. A trip will be successful, if the pets will be cared properly. Guests often look for best hotel that provides high-quality services for them and for their pets.

Post Author: Aliana Otis