5 Essential Aspects of a Holiday Home

If you have finally decided to acquire a second property and use it primarily as a holiday home, there is indeed a lot to consider. Location is obviously a major factor, and in order to help you make all the right choices, here are a few essential aspects you should look for in a holiday home.

  • Security – As you will be elsewhere for the majority of the time, it is essential that your holiday home has more than adequate security. This is one of the main reasons why people buy holiday property that is within a secure, gated community, which ensures that your home is always secure. It might be nice to own a small home in a remote region, but due to zero security, it is impractical.
  • Generating an Income – Of course, you might wish to spend all your time in your holiday home, but most occupy their second home for a few weeks or months every year, and the property management company can usually offer your property for rent, which brings in a tidy income for you. This would more than offset building maintenance costs, and would likely leave you a nice profit into the bargain.
  • Luxury Amenities – There is luxury property with private pool in Phuket, for example, that are designed around the occupants; spas, fitness rooms and many other sports facilities ensure that the fun never stops, and anytime you feel like being pampered, walk over to the wellness centre, where they have a range of services to offer. Whether you have your own private pool, or share the communal facility, there’s always time for a swim when on holiday.
  • Overall Appeal – This is going to be a place that you visit regularly, and for many years, so it should be a place where you feel happy and relaxed, so when looking at communities, take note of the general ambience; Are the staff friendly? Do you see a good cross section of owners? If the location has a lot of your needs covered and you enjoy every single visit, then you are making a wise move to buy.
  • Appreciation – Let’s not forget that your holiday home is also an investment, and a top-rated community would see the highest value appreciation, something that will pay dividends in the future. The resident property management company would ensure your home is always in good condition and carry out minor repairs when needed, plus they would list your home for rent when you are away.

Investing in a second home is a milestone for most people, and by finding the ideal community, you are ensuring that your investment is in good hands. The key to everything is the property management company, who would always ensure that your property is working for you when vacant, and they have your back with 24-hour security.

Choose your location wisely and you will have many years of a secure income in your holiday home.

Post Author: Aliana Otis