Vital Reasons that make Boutique Hotels a Rage Worldwide

The term Boutique hotel has been used to describe small establishments with approximately 150 rooms. They have been owned privately or as part of a small group of hotels. They have been best known for their eccentric designs, memorable, and iconic themes. Presently, it has become a flourishing industry complete with unique qualities and traits.

Find below a few reasons that make boutique hotels immensely popular worldwide.

  1. The size matters

Boutique hotels are usually deemed small. However, they are not in the same category as B&B hotels or homestays having less than ten rooms. Boutique hotels could have nearly 150 rooms. It might make them smaller when compared to most chain hotels worldwide. Nonetheless, the intimate scale assists in creating a home-like ambiance with adequate peace and privacy. They come equipped with a comfortable living space where guests could sit and interact with one another.

  1. Personality speaks volumes

The designer hotel would be independently owned and not affiliated with any big chain. Rest assured that they are a brand in themselves. They offer a unique vibe to them thereby setting them apart from their counterparts. Rest assured that their unique personality and ambiance provide adequate comfort to the guests. They would find it refreshing. As a result, a majority of people have been drawn toward these hotels.

  1. Desirable design

Boutique hotels have been popular for their intriguing interiors. These would often be created by leading architects and designers. These niche hotels consider maintaining an upmarket appearance by blending chic details with historic elegance. Rest assured that the overall design could range from modern to quaint, to artistic to homely. All guest rooms have been individually decorated, complete with exclusive amenities, and quality linen.

  1. The charm

When you walk into a designer hotel, you would feel the difference. However, it might not be the feeling when you enter a big hotel other than a boutique hotel. The eccentric personality of boutique hotels would grab your attention at a single glance. They are offbeat, trendy, and funky.

  1. Awe-inspiring location

Rest assured that there are no specific rules determining the location of boutique hotels. Nonetheless, the best of these hotels have been located in awe-inspiring locations. It is a mere coincidence that most hoteliers choose an upbeat location or place to set up a boutique hotel. You would enjoy the lush greenery surrounding the hotels far from the city.

  1. Excellent service

One of the unique features of hotel rooms Perth would be the exclusive and personalized services offered to their guests. The friendly and courteous staff would be likely to know your name from day one. You would be spoilt for a choice of luxury amenities such as a wide range of relaxing spa services, custom toiletries, and an exclusive pillow menu. The delectable food and drinks menu would be a great signature aspect of a boutique hotel. These services would create a high-quality experience for the guests.

These have been a few of the vital reasons making boutique hotels a ranging trend in the world. These designer hotels have been gaining immense popularity among travelers, who have been demanding more than convenience and comfort from their unique accommodation options.

Post Author: Aliana Otis