Merimbula whale watching tours.

One of the most amazing things to do whilst staying in or visiting Merimbula in New South Wales Australia is to go whale watching.

It is such a hot topic and one of the favourite choices for most of the recent visitors we have spoken with. It certainly got us curious as to what is on offer and what you could expect to see. Surely you won’t see whales on every trip, or will you?

Not too long ago it was unlikely that you would ever see one of these beautiful creatures with your own eyes as they hit the endangered species list for a few different reasons. Today however, people are better educated with regards the whale’s importance and we have the opportunity to arrange a tour to see these beauties in real life!

We did some research into Merimbula whale watching tours and found the offerings to be very attractive indeed. Here are some of the features that we came across.

Among the offerings we found there to be different excursion types which include a ‘Coastal discovery tour’ generally speaking this is a 2-hour cruise along the beautiful Bermagui and Montague Island coastlines. How amazing does that sound?

Also included in the options are wildlife discovery tours. Montague Island is the place to visit if you want to see marine life at its best. The coastline surrounding Bermagui is inspirational for photographers, with famous locations like Horsehead Rock and Camel Rock just waiting to be photographed.

Next, we found the whale watching tours which includes the chance to see both Humpbacks and Southern Right whales during May to July. The information we found suggests that the whale’s southern migration is the best time to go on an adventure.

Included in the offerings we found offers of 100% whale sighting guarantees offering a return cruise or a full refund!! What an offer that is and something that inspires confidence when making a booking. It is not often you will this kind of guarantee unless the company is absolutely sure they can deliver what you paid for.

It all sounds a bit too good to be true, so to be sure we recommend you get in touch with one of the local tour companies to enquire about what their company offers in terms of excursions and guarantees if you don’t happen to see any whales on your trip.

Hopefully we have given you enough to think about and with the information we found you will be able to make the most of your day and get the best deal for your money. Good luck and we hope you see everything you were hoping to and more.


Post Author: Aliana Otis