Discover the splendour of Malta aboard a charter yacht.

Vacationing on an island has its own special charm because it offers a diverse range of activities for both novice and experienced travellers. With over 11,000 inhabited islands to explore, options include lovely beach retreats, exciting nightlife in metropolitan towns, and breathtaking hikes. While Sweden has the most islands, with an astonishing 267,570, Europe’s island popularity shows via sites like Ibiza’s opulent and nature-infused resorts and Santorini’s volcanic appeal, which was recently named one of 2024’s most magnificent destinations. Despite these well-known sights, Europe has hidden gems beyond the well-trodden roads, offering lesser-known islands as compelling options for those seeking tranquilly and adventure away from the masses. So, why not explore the well-known sailing areas of the Western Mediterranean and enjoy the ancient beauty of the Maltese archipelago? The area, which consists of three magnificent islands (Malta, Gozo, and Comino), is known for its pleasant temperature, with over 300 days of sunshine per year. A fantastic destination to explore by water, here are our top three reasons to book a Malta yacht charter this season.

Beautiful natural landscapes.

Malta’s surroundings fascinate all visitors with their pure beauty, as the island boasts approximately 200 km of varied shoreline, ranging from red sandy beaches to lush green hillsides and dramatic cliffs. Malta is a refuge for nature lovers and adventurers, with hidden coves such as Paradise Bay and Ramla Bay that are enveloped in foliage and provide calm getaways. Ideally experienced via yacht charter, charterers will appreciate the flexibility to discover secret coves, bays, and more while immersing themselves in the islands’ tranquil beauty at their leisure and speed.

Traditional historic sites

Malta’s personality shines via its rich history, local traditions, and gastronomic pleasures. The island has well-preserved historical landmarks, ranging from the grandeur of the Grand Harbour Marina to the ancient Megalithic Temples, which are among the world’s oldest buildings. Valletta, which combines historical depth and modern vibrancy, was chosen the European Capital of Culture in 2018 for good cause. Furthermore, the Maltese culinary scene adds to the region’s cultural richness, offering a blend of traditional flavours and award-winning haute cuisine with French, Maltese, and Mediterranean influences. A yacht hire is arguably the best way to engage with the island’s cultural heritage and traditions.

Underwater Beauty

Malta is a well-known diver’s paradise, with clean waters teeming with diverse marine life, stunning underwater caverns, wrecks, and tunnels, despite the lack of tropical coral reefs. Famous dive destinations include the Santa Marija Caves, the 80-meter-long tunnel near the Inland Sea, and the Cathedral Cave, which provide thrills for divers of all skill levels. On land, Malta’s natural beaches and coves, ranging from Paradise Bay to Ramla Bay, offer the ideal setting for relaxation and sunbathing. Malta is an ideal sailing destination for beach and diving aficionados, as well as those who like to stay closer to the surface.

Post Author: Aliana Otis