Things To Do When You Are Visiting Krabi

When you are going on holiday to Thailand and going to Krabi, there are plenty of things to see and do in this part of beautiful Thailand. It is worth the time and effort of looking at what there is to see and do when you visit, so you can plan your trip and ensure you have a fantastic time. Below are some of the plethora of things you can do when visiting Krabi to ensure you have a wonderful time and take home many beautiful memories.

Enjoy A Relaxing Spa

If you want to enjoy a pleasurable and relaxing spa, Krabi has plenty of options available so you will not have to travel too far. There are a variety of treatments and massages you can enjoy which will have you relaxed in no time at all. You may find the resort you are staying in has a spa, and you might get a discount if you are staying there.

Tiger Cave Temple

If you love visiting the many temples in Thailand, you may wish to go to the Tiger Cave Temple in Krabi, popular with tourists from many countries. To get to the top, there are 1237 steps you must climb, which can be hard work, but once you get to the top, the view will be worth the effort.

Spend A Day At Railay Beach

If you want to spend time on a secluded and beautiful beach, you may wish to visit Railay Beach. It is a remote area, and there are a handful of hotels and restaurants, and you can stay in this location if you want to. You will have plenty of time to relax on the beach and enjoy some quiet time or get yourself a relaxing massage.

Go On A Tour Of The Islands

There are also many islands off the coast of Krabi, and you can go on an organised tour of these or do a private one if you prefer. There are many islands you can visit, including:

  • Koh Phi Phi Le
  • Bamboo Island
  • Poda Island
  • Tup Island
  • Hong Islands
  • Chicken Island

These tours will often be a full day, and they will take in many of the sights in the area, including Maya Bay.

These are only a handful of the various things you can see and do when you are in Krabi on holiday, and there are plenty more options available. Do your research before you go, and you can ensure you plan a fantastic holiday that gives you lots of incredible memories of your time visiting Krabi in the Land of Smiles.

Post Author: Aliana Otis